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How to Lock Rows/ Columns in Excel?

When you are preparing a large statement or table in Excel, the column headings at the top usually disappear when you scroll down. And this is really troublesome when you need to input data under several headings. Couple of months ago, I faced the same problem. And just 2 days ago, one of my relatives questioned me how to create static/ fixed column header in Microsoft Excel. 

Then I explored the topic and found the solution from Excel help and Microsoft Support Page. So, in this post, you are getting another important excel tutorial - How to Lock/ Fix/ Freeze Rows or Columns in excel while scrolling throughout the worksheet.

Lock/ Fix/ Freeze Rows or Columns

In Excel, the term is known as Freeze Panes. With this option, you can freeze a row or column that you want visible even when scrolling down or right. 

Suppose, you preparing a salary sheet that contains hundreds of rows. And you can view only 25/30 rows in a view. When you scroll down, the column headings will disappear. If you want the first row (that contains headings) visible, you have to use the Freeze Panes option. 

If you're using Office 2000/ XP/ 2003, you will get the freeze panes option under Window menu. 

  1. Simply open a worksheet
  2. Choose the row you wanna freeze
  3. Then go to the Window menu
  4. Hit on the Freeze Panes option - Done! 
If you want to unlock the row, follow the steps again, and this time you will get unfreeze option. 

For Office 2007/ 2010/ 2013

Here you will get the freeze panes option under View tab in Window section. And you can also freeze both top row and left column! 

Excel 2010 Freeze Panes under View Menu

  1. Open a previously saved worksheet or create a new one.
  2. Input your necessary data.
  3. Go to the View Tab.
  4. Find the Window section at the right and locate Freeze Panes
  5. Hit on the down arrow, you will get 3 options - Freeze Panes, Freeze First Column, Freeze Tip Row.
  6. Freeze Panes - Used for locking multiple rows. And the next two are used either to lock  only the first column or first row.
  7. If you want to unlock the locked row or column, you have to unfreeze it by following the same steps. 

Note: Suppose you wanna freeze first 3 rows. Then you have to click on the 4th row. Now go to the Freeze Panes option in view menu and use Freeze Panes. 

I've also uploaded a sample sheet which you can download from the above link. Download and open the above sample sheet. It contains the example of freezed panes. 

In the first sheet, I've freezed a single row. In the second sheet, I've freezed multiple rows. There you will see, first three rows are freezed. To do it, you have to put your cursor in the 4th row, then you have to choose Freeze Panes

Hope this will be helpful for you. In my next post, I'm gonna discuss about - how to print the headings in every page

Reference: Freeze or Lock Rows and Columns

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