Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Clickomania Next Generation Free Download !!

Clickomania Puzzle Game

Couple of weeks ago, I shared a puzzle game Clickomania. Hope you've enjoyed it a lot. Today I'm gonna share another game of this series. It's named as - Clickomania Next Generation. This version is quite similar to the previous version. But instead of boxes, here you will find bubbles! 

About Clickomania Next Generation
  • Game's Name: Clickomania Next Generation
  • Version:
  • License: 100% Free
  • Type: Both Portable and Executable File Included
  • Download Size: 1.40 MB

Download & Play the Game . . . 

  1. Download Clickomania Next Generation either from Link 1 or Link 2.
  2. It's a zipped folder. Unzip it first.
  3. If you would like to play the portable version, hit on clickng.exe to start the game.
  4. You can also install the game. Hit on Clickomania Next.exe to install it.
  5. The game will open immediately.
  6. Hit the bubbles of same category and enjoy!

Note: If no shortcut icon is created on your desktop then you will find the game in the following path:


Clickomania Next Generation Version

How to Play?

I've already discussed about the playing instructions here - Puzzle Game Clickomania. You will find details there. Let's repeat some tips:

  • Hit on the bubbles of same color.
  • Before you click, make sure there are two or more bubbles of same color either horizontally or vertically aligned. 
  • Click on the diagonally aligned bubbles will be of no use.
  • Uncover the background by clearing all the bubbles.

There are 6 Games!

You thought that's all? Simply hitting bubbles? No way - there are 6 games of different styles. These are:

Clickomania Select Game Option
  • Default
  • 4 Farben
  • Actions
  • Classic
  • Freaky
  • Online
Each of this will give you a completely different flavors!

  • Hit on the Game Select (G) icon at the top. Then it will show you the list of games. Or you can simply press the G button to open this menu. 
  • To start a new game, Press N. 
  • To undo a step, press z. 
  • To configure the game, press Ctrl + C. 

Hope you will enjoy the game as earlier . . . 

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