Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Convert Text into Audio by Notepad!!

In this post I am gonna show another amazing trick of notepad. Here you will learn how to convert text into audio using notepad. But you will just be able to listen the audio not save or keep it in your hard disk. 

To do so, just follow the steps below: 

1. Open notepad. ( Press Win Key  + R > type notepad and hit enter)
2. Type the following message in the notepad: 
Dim msg, sapi
 msg=InputBox("Enter your text for conversion–","Marks PC Solution Text To Audio Converter")
 Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
 sapi.Speak msg

3. Save the file with .vbs extension. (Example: Text to audio.vbs)

Now you're almost finished! When you open up the file you will see a window like the right one. 

Now type your text in the blank space of the window and hit the ok button. It will speak your text loudly.
Make sure your speaker is on. 

NB: By this trick you can also know whether your PC is male or female!

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