Monday, February 27, 2012

Laptop Vs. Desktop: Which one should you buy?

Day by day the use of mobile PC (laptop, notebook, tablet) is increasing rapidly. Most of the computer users are no longer interested in desktop computer. Of course there are some logical reasons behind this trend. Laptop is portable, easy to move, smaller in size and so many. 

But this is a very rare case that a person use laptop but doesn't suffer a lot! Because laptops are not so strong like desktop PCs. They are small in size as well as small in capacity too! Repairing a desktop is relatively easy. But rearing a laptop requires some extra skills.  

Laptop is really a sensitive device. Anytime your keyboard or touch pad can be damaged. And this is not very easy to replace the parts of laptops. Though it might have warranty for around two years but when you give it to the service center they may give it back to you after several weeks. 

Now the question is what should a person buy- Laptop or Desktop?

Well the answer depends on several factors . . .
Computer experts suggest to buy desktop in case of heavy workload like Graphics Design, Gaming etc. But if you don't have works like that then you can buy laptop. Laptop is an ideal device for net browsing, official works etc. 

But if you need to have a computer with you then laptop I mean mobile PC is the only one solution.

So before buying any computer, first determine what will you do with it. Then buy laptop or desktop that meets your necessity. 

NB: If you wanna purchase mobile PC then don't go for notebook! Because usually it doesn't have any CD or DVD ROM and will  cause you a great problem when the OS lost!!


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