Monday, February 20, 2012

Lost your Motherboard CD? Simply go to the Manufacturer's Web Site!

Every motherboard manufacturer and most of the other device manufacturers provide a driver CD for the hardware to make it compatible with Operating Systems. Except some plug and play device such as Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker most of the other devices have a driver CD. 

But in case devices like printer, scanner, webcam, sound card, graphics the driver is essential. Even some modems don't work without external driver. 

At least 20 to 30% people lost their driver CD due to their carelessness! And when they re install the OS they lost sound and graphics options! And try to find a CD here and there. And unfortunately driver CD are not same for different models of devices. 

But it is very simple to recover the lost CD! You can find it from the manufacturer's website. For example, if you lost your HP Laptop's Driver CD, just visit And Search by writing the device name and model in the search box. 

Here are some of the common websites that may be helpful for you:
1. Intel
3. HP
5. Asus
6. Canon
7. Compaq

After visiting this sites, you may find several pages like Download, Help and Support, Support & Driver etc. You can either go this pages or simply search in the search box by entering the product name and model. 

How do you know what is the name your system manufacturer? 

This is also a common questions. Go to the run (press Window Key + R) and write dxdiag. Then hit the enter button. If a Yes/No Option appears hit on the Yes button. 

Now you will see a Window named DirectX Diagnostic Tool. You will find the details of your PC from here. 

Under the System Tab you will find system manufacturer name. This is your motherboard.
Under the Display Tab you will find the graphics manufacturer name.
Under the Sound Tab, you will find the sound manufacturer name. 

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