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Use of Function Keys (F1 - F12)

Use of Function Keys F1 - F12

All of you are familiar with the function keys. There are 12 function keys in the QWERTY keyboard. These keys are located at the top of the keyboard. And they are named as F1, F2, F3 . . . . . . . . F12. 

As the name indicates, Function Keys keys have functional use. While installing Windows on your PC, you will notice the use of these keys. Of course the use of these keys are not same always. Different brand's main boards and their models don't use the functional keys similarly. 

In this post you're getting the most useful practices of the function keys

  • F1: In most of the programs F1 shows the help option. 
  • F2: It has several functions. F2 is used to rename a folder. In MS Word Ctrl+Alt+F2 is used to open a previously saved document. Ctrl+F2 shows the print preview in MS Word. In Microsoft Excel, F2 is used to make correction in a cell. 
  • F3: In many programs, pressing F3 activates the search option. Shift+F3 is also used to change the letter case (capital to small or small to capital) of MS Word Document. 
  • F4: By pressing F4 you can repeat the last action performed in MS Word. (For example- type the world of technology and then press F4, then these words will appear again just like copy)  Alt+F4 is used to close the active program. It is also used to turn off Windows Operating System. 
  • F5: When you're on Desktop, press F5 to refresh it. In MS Word F5 is used to open Find And Replace option. And in MS Power Point Slide show is started by pressing F5. In a web browser, F5 is used to reload the current website. 
  • F6: In a web browser you can go to the address bar by pressing F6. In MS Word Shift+Ctrl+F6 helps to cycle between multiple windows. 
  • F7: In MS Word, F7 is used to activate Spelling & Grammar Option. In Firefox browser, F7 is used to start caret browsing. 
  • F8: Usually F8 is used while when Windows boots up. By pressing F8 you can choose the safe mode when booting up the Windows OS.  
  • F9: F9 is used to open the measurement tool in Quark 5.0. 
  • F10: Pressing F10 activates the menu bar in Windows Explorer. Shift + F10 works as an alternative to the mouse right click in Windows Explorer. 
  • F11: You can turn on/ off the full screen mode of different programs by pressing F11.
  • F12: F12 is used to open the Save as window in MS Office Programs. And Shift + F12 can be used to save a document (like Ctrl + S). Shift+Ctrl+F12 can be used to print a document. 

You might be disappointed while trying to memorize them at a time. Just use 12 days to memorize the use of these keys. And by this time you might be familiar with the use of few keys. Try one by one to memorize the use of the rest keys.  

Note: The function of these keys may slightly varies from program to program. And different version of windows may behave differently when using these keys. But most of them works same. 

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