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Maintenance Tasks: Extend Your PC Life

Using a desktop computer or laptop in today's world is just like using mobile phone, watch or a vehicle. I mean computer has been a part of our life. We keep many vital information in our PC. Such as books, audios, videos, necessary data etc. 

If the PC crashes everything within it might get lost! And in that time we have to suffer. So, in this post I am gonna suggest you some tips to extend your PC life. 

1. Optimum Environment: A computer especially a desktop must be kept in a moderate environment. It shouldn't be either very cool or very hot. It must be kept in a temperature between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius with a humidity level between 50 to 75 percent. Over heating may cause your hardware loose its capacity soon. 

2. Proper Supply of Electricity: A common cause of system damage is the unstable power supply. Surges, spikes and sags in electric supply can damage computer completely or may shorten the lifespan of its parts like motherboard or hard disk. To ensure the physical security of your PC make sure you have optimum supply of power with stability. Use of UPS is highly appreciated to protect computer from electric damage.

3. Proper Electronic Setup: Make sure that you've connected all the parts and components such as motherboard, hard disk, ram, cooling fan in the right place in right manner. Loose connection can lead to serious hard to the computer. So avoid it with care. 

4. Timely Cleaning and Maintenance: The main board of a computer consists nothing but lots of electronic circuits. And that is why a motherboard produces heats. This is very natural. But when dusts accumulated on the motherboard or other components the heats can't be released properly. In that case it leads to system damage. So you should clean your system unit every 3 or 4 months to clean dusts. You can clean dusts with a soft brush. And be careful. Don't do anything that may hurt your system. 

5. Precautionary Measures: The previous 4 points were about hardware related facts. But this one is much more related with software. To maintain your computer performance and increase its life time you need to use antivirus, registry cleaner, disk checker etc. To know about antivirus read this post. And you also need cleanup your disks, recycle bin. And you should look for whether there is any bad sector in your hard drives. 

And finally don't do anything to your PC if your are beginner. Take advice from a person who knows better than you. Don't run your PC continuously. Shut it down at least after every 5 or 6 hours. 


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  2. Why I need to ShutDown My Lapto after 5-6 hour. It is continiously run 10 hour(my clg days) and 17 hour ; On my Holidays

    1. It's okay, but you have to make sure that your system remains cool. If you are able to manage heat, then your laptop may work until it's dead :)


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