Friday, June 15, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel is a popular program released with Office Package by Microsoft. There are nearly 200 keyboard shortcuts for Excel. But it is not possible to memorize all of them. But to accelerate your experience you must know some shortcuts. 

Some of the important shortcut keys are listed below for your convenience: 

Shortcut Keys
F1Show the help option
F2Edit the selected cell
F5 Go to a specific cell
F7 Check Spelling
Create chart
Ctrl + Shift + ;
Enter the current time
Ctrl + ;
Enter the current date
Alt + Shift + F1
Insert New Worksheet
Shift + F3
Open the Excel formula window
Shift + F5
Bring up search box
Ctrl + A
Select all contents of the worksheet
Ctrl + B
Bold the selected text
Ctrl + I
Italic the selected text
Ctrl + K
Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl + U
Underline selected text
Ctrl + 5
Strikethrough the selected text
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + F9
Minimize the current window
Ctrl + F10
Maximize current window
Ctrl + F6
Switch between workbooks
Ctrl + Page up
Switch between worksheets upward
Ctrl + Page down
Switch between worksheets downward
Ctrl + Tab
Move between several Excel files
Alt + =
Create a sum formula
Ctrl + '
Copy the formula of above cell
Ctrl + Shift + !
Format number in comma format
Ctrl + Shift + $
Format number in currency format
Ctrl + Shift + #
Format number in date format
Ctrl + Shift + %
Format number in percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + ^
Format number in scientific format
Ctrl + Shift + @
Format number in time format
Ctrl + Arrow key
Move to next section of text.
Ctrl + Space
Select entire column
Shift + SpaceSelect entire row

Note: The above shortcuts are prepared for Office 2007 and 2010. But almost all of them work with all versions of MS Excel. 

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