Thursday, July 12, 2012

Built in PDF Reader in Windows 8 !

PDF or Portable Document Format is a great way to share your documents with your friends or even in online. Earlier I wrote about both PDF Creator and PDF Reader. These third party tools for creating and viewing PDF is also very handy. 

But how do you feel if you don't need to install any PDF Reader/ Viewer on your PC! Windows 8 has built in PDF viewer named Windows Reader. It comes as metro app with Windows 8. And it can also read your XPS documents. 

If you're running Windows 8 and you have no PDF Reader installed on your system then you will see your PDF files look orange color. Actually this is Windows Reader. Just double click to open the file. 

Or press the start button and type reader. Then press enter to open Windows Reader. After opening the reader click on Browse to open your files and folders. And select the PDF file you wanna read. 

When using the reader you may not be able to see any toolbar. Because it is a metro app that runs in full screen. Simply hit the right button of your mouse to see the toolbar. From this bar you can control your reader whether it will show one or two pages. You can also open your files or save the open file and more. Look at the image below:

To close the reader, simply press Alt + F4. Or drag your mouse from top to bottom of the screen. 

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