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Boost Your PC Speed by Using SSD

In short you can explain an SSD (Solid State Drive) as modern HDD (Hard Disk Drive). What's the difference then? Maybe the functions are almost same but there are some big differences between the two. Go through the post to clear the concept . . .

What's an SSD A solid state drive or SSD is a storage device that uses non volatile flash memory along with necessary controller and chipset to store the data. It's somewhat like RAM, but unlike RAM it can store data for a long period of time. 
An SSD drive is considered to be more durable and stable in that sense - There is no moving parts i.e. platters, spindle, R/W head etc. which are available in traditional HDD.  

Advantages of SSD over HDD If you use SSD as your primary boot device instead of HDD then you may get the following advantages -  Faster performanceLower power consumptionBetter vibration resistanceLower heat No noiseIn short we can say, SSD is more durable and stable than traditional HDD. 

After installing SSD, you will…

Secret Codes for Nokia !!

Though losing market share gradually, Nokia is still connecting people. Many of us still like Nokia Cell Phones due to its reliability, durability and reasonable price. This post is for the users as well as for the fans of Nokia. 

In this post you'll find some secret codes for your Nokia mobile phone. All codes may not work with all versions of Nokia. And many of these codes will work with most of the models. 

Precaution: Though very much useful, some of these codes may be harmful too! So use these codes with care. Don't take any unnecessary risk while trying them. I'm trying my best to clarify the functions of these codes for your convenience. So before using read the results carefully. 

Type the following codes on the main Screen: 
  • *#06# to see the IMEI number
  • *#7780# to restore factory settings
  • *#67705646# to clear the LCD display (Operator Logo)
  • *#0000# to view software version and date
  • *#746025625# SIM clock allowed status
  • *#62209526# to display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available only in   the newer devices that supports WLAN like N80
  • #pw+1234567890+1# to show if SIM has any restrictions
  • *#2820# to show bluetooth device address
  • *#7370# to soft format the memory (For Symbian Phones)

Secret Menu: Allows you to view a secret menu about your phone

Type *#92702689# to activate secret menu. It includes the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturing Date
  • The Date of Purchase (If it was set)  
  • Date of last Repair (If found)  
  • Life Timer

Use the following code with care: 
  • *#3370# - Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though
  •  *#3370* - (EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by 30% because phone receives less signal from network
  •  *#4720# - Half Rate Codec activation
  •  *#4720* - Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart

If you forgot wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code to reset it.*#7370925538#Remember, your wallet data will be removed. You may be asked to enter the lock code. Default lock code is: 12345

Press *#3925538# to delete the contents and code of wallet.

Unlock service provider: Insert SIM, turn on the phone and press vol up (arrow keys) for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Press C, then press * message should flash, press * again and 04*pin*pin*pin#

Type *#7328748263373738# to reset security code. Default security code is 12345.

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  1. oh thanks for such a valuable information.even though i m not using multi media phone.but when i will use nokia then i will follow those step for sure.keep helping to send this type of precious tips about mobile and other it sector.i am with u.

  2. And you're welcome for being with us. Visit Marks PC Solution for more interesting tips and tricks.


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