Friday, July 06, 2012

How to Make Your XP Genuine- Just by Double Click!!

It's 2012! That means 10 years have been passed since Microsoft released Windows XP for the first time. Though this OS is obsolete still nearly 50% users use XP in their Computers. 

Sometimes you may have trouble to make your XP genuine. If your XP detected as invalid once  then you are in a deep trouble. You've to install it again. Besides while installing Microsoft Security Essential your OS must be genuine. In that case your Windows XP will show continuous error message about software piracy. 

So, in this post you'll get the easiest way to make Windows XP genunine. Follow the steps below.
  1. Download the 1 KB zipped .reg file from here
  2. Double Click on the zipped file to open it.
  3. Now double click again and hit yes > OK.
  4. Now restart your PC and enjoy the genuine Windows XP.
Note: This tips has been tested on Windows XP SP 2. Other service packs were not tested. To check your service pack version, go to properties of My Computer. 

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