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UniJoy Layout: Unicode Bengali Typing System

Ekushey Unicode Typing Layout

16th December! The Victory Day of Bangladesh. Regular visitors of Marks PC Solution know that, we hardly celebrate any National or International day. But today I've a topic to write about! Though it is more relevant to the International Mother Language Day, I can't wait until 21st February. Today I am gonna talk about UniJoy Layout: Bengali Keyboard Input System. 

Well you know this is not my first post about Bengali Typing. Earlier I've published posts about:

Most of the people are now using Avro Keyboard to type Bangla in Unicode. Bijoy has also introduced Unicode Bangla typing system for few years. But it has failed to meet the users' demand. The first reason is that Bijoy demands money from the users. The second reason is it's inability to run smoothly. 

Bijoy can't run well in Windows 7 or 8. Where Bijoy 2003 was excellent for Windows XP, Bijoy 2010 and 11 are below standard for Windows 7 and 8. It's very common that users face problem to type some letters. And changing keyboard is also a big problem. In Avro, we just need to press F12. But Bijoy needs Ctrl+Alt+B (ASCII) or Ctrl+Alt+V (Unicode). 

Avro has some problems too. Since Mustafa Jabber filed a case against Omicronlab, they can no longer use the Bijoy Keyboard Layout. But 90% Bangladeshis are used to type with this layout. 

If you wanna get rid of these giant methods of Bengali Typing, then you can use UniJoy to type Bangla. Remember, with this simple keyboard input system, you can type in Unicode only. And it has no interface. You can just change the keyboard with this tool. It will just change your keyboard in Bengali. And it has no options to customize. 

No special requirement. Works with any version of Windows Operating System. 

  1. Download the zipped folder from the link above. Then unzip it.
  2. Double click on the Setup.exe and wait for few seconds
  3. A new window will appear and you've to close it. 
  4. Done! Press Shift + Alt to type Bangla! 


Very simple. Layout is just like Bijoy. Look at the image below: 

Unibijoy Bengali Layout by Ekushey

It is almost similar to Bijoy Layout except few changes. And I think that will not be so difficult for you to type. If you face any problem to type, then download the conjunction list. You should be fine.

To switch keyboard mode, press Shift + Alt (Left Shift & Left Alt). Press once for Bengali and press again for English. 

If you want to know your current mode, look at the bottom right corner of your monitor. It's just left to the clock. You will see ENG, if your Keyboard is in English. And if you press Shift+Alt, you will see Bangla. 

Keep these files with you: 

I've used this tool in my PC. It doesn't create any problem regarding installation or operation. But it has some problems with few letters. I'm not sure about earlier versions of Windows. But in Windows 8, I can't type few words properly. Without this problem, this is really a nice tool to Unicode Bangla Typing. 

To know more about, visit Ekushey Unijoy Layout

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