How to Create Custom Post URL in Blogger

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When you publish a post in blogger, normally you don't need to create or set an URL. WordPress has the same feature. Post URL is automatically created from post title. But sometimes it maybe too large. And sometimes it may not be possible to show the full title in the URL. As a result it doesn't carry actual meaning. In that case you can customize your post URL. 

Look at the Link below:

This link is related to the post- How to Check Cell Phones Quality Using IMEI - *#06#

The title of the post carry the full meaning. You might notice that- here the URL doesn't carry the proper meaning. It only shows- how to check cell phones quality using. A user may not understand what does the post include just by URL. 

But you can customize the URL in such a way so that it expresses a meaning and have precision. And certainly it will be easier for your visitors to understand what the post is all about when they just see the post URL. 

You might notice the structure of an URL. There are 3 parts in the blogger URL. Such as- 
  • Home Page URL :
  • Date : 2012/04/
  • Post URL : how-to-check-cell-phones-quality-using.html 

Hope now you realize how your post URL is created. 

If you wanna create custom URL for your post you have to use the last part. You can't omit the home URL and date. Because omitting these two parts will affect the uniqueness of your URL. 

By this time you should have a proper knowledge about blogger and post URL. Now let's see how to create Custom URL : 
  1. Make sure you're signed in to your blogger account. 
  2. Create New Post from anywhere that you do usually. 
  3. Look at the right- Post Settings > Permalink
  4. There are two options- Automatic and Custom. Look at the image below for help.
  5. Type your desired words in the custom box separated by a hyphen (-) or dot (.). Remember- space, ?, !, / these are not allowed here. And try to avoid underscore ( _ ). Because it will not separate your words. 
  6. When you finish hit on the Done button. That's it. 

how to optimize permalink in blogger

Thus you can optimize your blog post's permalink for more visitors. You can also look at this post's URL for example. 

If I didn't set a custom URL then it will somewhat like that-

Though it carries a full meaning, but look at the URL size- Too large. So creating custom URL will also let your reduce the size of the post URL. 

Hope you enjoy this post! 

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