Backup your Blogger Blog before It's Too Late!

Restore Blogger Blog

Anytime you might loose your blogger account. After hacking your blogger account along with your blog the hacker can do anything. He can either delete, export or use your blog in his own name! Maybe you have spent thousand hours to establish the site. And you lose everything. Isn't it very terrible? So why don't you back up your site before it's too late? 

Blogger has an option to back up the whole blog with comments! So, if you have the backup copy of your site, anytime you can open a new blog and restore your previous blog with comments. 

Even you can restore your backup copy of blogger blog in WordPress Site. WordPress is capable of restoring blogger sites from the .xml file.

Couple of months ago, I discussed about how to restore & backup blogger template. You can read that post to know about how to back up the template of your site. 

Backup your Blog: 
  1. Sign in to your blogger account.
  2. Go to Settings from Design or Dashboard.
  3. Hit on the Other options from Settings tab.
  4. Look at the Blog Tools: Import Blog - Export Blog - Delete Blog.
  5. Hit on the Export Blog.
  6. Now click Download Blog.
  7. Save the .xml file in your hard disk.

If you wanna restore your blog from a previously saved copy then follow the above steps again. Just in the Blog Tools- Choose Import Blog. Then choose and upload the .xml file that you've already in your hard disk. 

Take the help of image below. 

How to Download or Backup Blogger Blog

First you've to click on the Export Blog button. And then you will get another window. It contains the Download Blog button. Hit on the Download blog and immediately you will get a save option. Now just save it. 

How to Download Blogger Blog

Remember, there is no fixed download size like. It varies depending on your total number of posts and comments. In my site there is currently more than 250 posts with 1100 comments. My blog size is currently 4 MB.

Note: This .xml file will back up your site fully, I mean blog posts, comments and related images. Pictures will be saved as links with the xml file. Without restoring it, you can't view those images. But your site's template will not be saved with this .xml file. You have to back it up in another way. 

Backup/ Restore Blogger Template: 

If you're using a premium blogger template or if you've modified your template in your own way, then you should also back up the template. I also discussed about how to back up blogger template earlier. You can read that post or just have a look at the below steps:
  1. Go to the Template option from the Settings.
  2. Hit on Backup/ Restore button from the top right corner.
  3. Hit on Download Full Template button to download the template.
  4. Or Choose File to select and upload your desired template. 

Screenshots of the tasks are not given in this post. If you wanna see the related images then go to the above links. 

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