Friday, November 08, 2013

AdSense will Pay through Banks Accounts!

Get your AdSense Money through Bank Accounts

Well that's a terrific news specially for Bangladeshis! Waiting for months? Annoyed with payment procedure? Giving up the idea to earn money through AdSense? As a Bangladeshi, you might be hopeless due to the thousands of problems regarding your AdSense account. But this time, there is a hope!

Just three days ago, Google AdSense have announced that, Bangladeshi AdSense Publishers will be able to transfer Ad Revenue through their respective Bank Accounts! They don't have to wait for the checks for a long time and they don't need to wait to cash those checks!

In many countries, Google is paying through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). But it is not available in Bangladesh. In this situation, Wire Transfer System will be really helpful for Bangladeshi Publishers.

The payment will be made through International Wire Transfer instead of issuing checks. And certainly this will be fast, secure and convenient for the publishers to receive their payments. Minimum payment balance is as usual, I mean payment threshold is $100.

Kazi Monirul Kabir, Country Director, Google Bangladesh, has informed this news through his Facebook Status.


You must have a bank account. And make sure that your bank has a SWIFT code. In your payment options, you have to provide your Bank Name, Account Number, Swift code etc. And your payment option should be the Wire Transfer.

International Wire Transfer System through Bank Account

Look at the above image. In order to add a Bank Account, log in to AdSense and then to the Payments tab > Select Payment Settings > Add Bank Account > Fill up the information.
  • Enter your Account Name as exactly mentioned in your Bank Account. (ie. Abdur Rahaman)
  • Bank Name (ie. Uttara Bank Ltd.)
  • Bank Account Number (Use the Full A/C No. with Code)
  • Bank Identifier Code or BIC is also known as SWIFT Code. You may get the code through bank's website or annual report. Or you can contact to the banker. (The SWIFT Code of Uttara Bank is - UTBLBDDH).  

Finally, save your settings. If you wanna get your current payment through Bank Account, provide your account information Before 21st November.

Is there any Extra Charge?

You don't have to pay Google any extra charge! But if your bank asks for any charge then you may need to pay them. And you should also contact your bank for further information. 

Google also informs that this convenient payment system will be introduced in other countries soon.

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  1. Aamar ekta question chilo. Bank Account Name ki Adsense e jevabe naam deoao ache sevabe hote hobe (For example: Adsense e amra MD er por (.) use korte pari naa) naki ekta hole hobe?

    1. In your AdSense Account, maybe you can use (.) in the Payee Name. And AdSense A/C Name and Payee Name can be different.

      So you can use . in Payee name, since your bank a/c contains (.).

  2. I learned that Google has has stopped bank payment service recently .. is it true?? How do you getting payment now?

    1. No buddy. Google just start paying through bank account recently. If Google stops this, you will not get the bank account details form in your payment option.

      And I've hold my payment. Because I failed to receive my first payment due to transaction problems. AdSense says they are investigating. Now I'm waiting for the Western Union to be started for Bangladeshis.

  3. hello
    i given Wrong Pin Code,and i received this massge " The Personal Identification Number (PIN) for this account has been incorrectly entered three times. As a result, ad serving and account access have been suspended. To regain access to your account and resume ad serving, please contact us".
    So what should i do.i can't work here...... PLEASE HELP ME.My Email Id is .

  4. Hello Dear
    I have question.
    Google sent me their payment mail in my inbox.
    but I don't get it in my bank account.
    now what should I need to do?

    1. What is your bank's name?
      At the first time I faced the same problem. My money backed to Google that time. Later they fixed the issue. Now I get paid in my bank (Uttara Bank) regularly.

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