Friday, January 24, 2014

Flash Hockey Free Download !!

Free Download Flash Hockey

Today I'm gonna share another cool game with you. This one is also very tiny in size. It is Flash Hockey. It's a game between you and your PC. I don't know how many years ago it was made. But I believe it's at least 12 years old game! Hope you will enjoy it. 

Flash Hockey

It's a flash game. Download size is only 513 KB. It can be played in any version of Microsoft Windows. No special requirement. Doesn't matter whether you've graphics driver installed or not. Your monitor is enough to run the game! 

  • Download the zipped folder from the link above. (It's only 513 KB)
  • Unzip or extract the folder.
  • Double click on Flash-Hockey.exe to run the game.


After running the game, you need to enter your name. Hit on the Spielen button in the white box. Type your name. Hit on the Spielen button below the box to start the game. (At the bottom, there are three options. The default level is Normal. You can change the difficulty level from these options)

Flash Hockey Picture

After starting the game, you will get two buttons. The Red one is Computer. And the Blue one is you. And you will get a coin. Hit on the coin and try to put it in the computer's net. There is a red line at the middle of the field. Neither you nor computer can cross the red line. 

There is at best 10 goals. Who gets the 10 points earlier, will be the winner. Maybe, it's a german game. So the language is not in English. But you can guess what says in the options.

  • Don't be hurry while hitting. Otherwise you will lose points soon.
  • Be quick and smart while defending. 
  • Observe the Computer's movement carefully and hit little harder. You will get the point easily. 
  • Be cool - let the Computer be mad. You will win the match!

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