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Use Portable Apps - Stay Relax!

Hello Guys! Do you know this is gonna be a special post? Why? Because this will be the Post # 300! It's been more than two years since I started blogging. And as a single writer, 300 posts is not bad at all within this period. Look at the following script. It's showing the total number of posts and comments of Marks PC Solution.

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If you work with different software regularly, you must discover some of these have portable versions available. Most of the applications have portable versions. Whether the manufacturer releases portable version or not, you may collect it through third party software download site. Portable version has several advantages over regular installation version. And I will discuss about it. 

What is Portable Version? 

All of you are familiar with the word portable. When something is handy, movable or convenient to use, we call it portable. Even you may see portable TV. Portable Software is something like that. 

You can keep your portable applications anywhere. You can carry these applications with you through flash drives, portable hard drives or CD/DVD. And you can use these portable applications in any PC simply by connecting your device. 

Once installed, portable applications would never need to be re-installed until you wanna upgrade it. 

Benefits of Using Portable Applications

  • Don't need to be installed (Or install first time only)
  • Usable anywhere through pen drive or other removable devices
  • Bookmarks, Password, Browsing History will be safe and available for using (In case of browser)
  • Portable applications will not be lost if you lose your Windows. You can keep them in a different drive
  • They will never mess up in your system registry
  • There are so many other advantages. You will find them after using portable apps :) 

Source of Portable Apps/ Software

There are two ways to get portable applications:

  1. Downloading from websites
  2. Creating by yourself

Downloading from Websites: Only few manufacturers release their applications' portable version. While downloading applications, you can search whether portable versions are available or not. 

Besides there are many other sites from which you can download portable software. I have a suggestion for you. Visit the link below:

Portable Apps is the most popular site for downloading portable software. Thousands of software are ready to download at free of cost. You will be able to search software under different categories such as - Developers, Internet, Accessibility etc. And I think you will find your necessary applications from this site. But if something you need that is not available here, then you can search Google

Creating Portable Version: The second way is little bit difficult. If you can't find the portable version of your required application, then you can create a portable version from installed application!

I personally follow this method. Follow the instruction below: 
  1. Install the application from .exe file.
  2. Now go to the program file and find that software. 
  3. Copy the whole installation folder and keep it in a different drive other than your Windows drive (Usually C Drive).
  4. Now uninstall the software from your system.
  5. Done! 
You can create portable version of most of the applications in this system. But it will not work in case of hardware driver, Microsoft office, adobe Photoshop etc. 

There are some programs to create portable version of any applications. I've never used such software. You have to find through Google. And the process is somewhat complex. 

Managing Portable Applications - Tips n Tricks! 

You will enjoy using portable software if you can manage them well :) 

  • Keep the portable software in a different drive other than your Windows drive. You can also keep them in a pen drive or CD. Back them up when necessary.
  • Locate the .exe file from your portable application folder. Example: Opera.exe, Chrome.exe, 7zip.exe. 
  • You can pin the application in start menu or task bar. Right click on the .exe file and then choose Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start (In Windows 7 or 8). If you're using Windows XP, then right click on the application and then Send to Desktop (Shortcut). 
  • Portable applications will not be lost if you re install your Windows. After installing Windows, find the portable applications. Then create their shortcuts in desktop or task bar. 

Hope you've enjoyed my post # 300. Share you with us. Never hesitate to leave comment :)  

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