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Highway Pursuit Free Download !!!

Racing Game Highway Pursuit

Many of you might be familiar with Highway Pursuit. Once it was a very popular racing game. But large games like NFS, Formula 1, GTA have overtaken the tiny games like highway pursuit. Still many users search for small games. So I've decided to share these games with those people who like to play these tiny games. 

Highway Pursuit

  • Name: Highway Pursuit
  • Supported OS: All running versions of Windows
  • Size: Less than 3.5 MB
  • 100% Free

No Special Requirement. It's fast, easy and enjoyable . . .

Download & Play:

  • Download the zipped file from the above link. 
  • Unzip the folder and keep it in one of your hard disk drives. (This is portable. You don't need to install it)
  • Go to the Highway Pursuit Folder and find HP.exe > Double click on it to run the game.

  • Fire: Spacebar
  • Accelerate: Up Arrow
  • Brake: Down Arrow
  • Steer Left: Left Arrow
  • Steer Right: Right Arrow 
  • Oil: Press Z
  • Smoke: Press X
  • Missile: Press C


While playing this game you will get a guide called Ashley. You will just hear her voice. She will guide you throughout the game. You will have three lives. 

There are 5 types of cars. The silver car is yours. Pink and Yellow car is your enemy. You can kill them by firing. The other two is civilian. If you kill the civilian car, you will not get the point.

There is a green jeep. This is your enemy too. You can't bust it by firing. You can hit this to kill.

Highway Pursuit Screenshot

Besides there are 5 vans. Ashley will tell you Weapon Van Ahead when you're near to a van. You can touch these vans when weapon needed. Ashley will warn you when the chopper is closing on your position. She will also tell you if you're near to a broken bridge or smoke bomb. 

Tips: When you're end of your life, you will get the yellow van. If you enter inside the yellow van, you will be reset to full life. Don't try to take weapons if not necessary. Because it's risky to enter into a van. 

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