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Puzzle Game Clickomania for Windows

Puzzle Game Clickonomia for Windows

Today I'm gonna share a 20-year old game with you - Clickomania! It's a challenging puzzle game for Windows. Maybe many of you have played this game earlier. But it's a very old game and the new users are busy with latest games. That's why I would like to share this tiny game with the visitors of Marks PC Solution. I believe you will enjoy the game . . . 

About the Uploaded Version
  • Game's Name: Clickomania
  • Upload Server: Google Drive (Zipped Folder)
  • Type: Pre-Installed & Portable
  • License: 100% Free
  • Download Size: 329 KB
  • Extracted Size: 632 KB

System Requirements:

As mentioned at the beginning, Clickomania is almost a 20-year old game. This game was released when Windows 95 and 98 were leading the computer world. But it still works with the latest version of Windows Operating Systems - Windows 7, 8 and 10. 

Download & Play . . . 
  1. Download the Clickomania from this link.
  2. It's in zipped condition and you've to unzip it first.
  3. Open the extracted folder and double click on CLICK.EXE to run the game.
  4. Now the game window will appear. Click on the boxes to play the game

Take a Look at the Interface . . . 

Clickonomia Screen

Look at the yellow marked buttons at the top. With these buttons, you can control the game. There are 6 buttons:
  1. New Game: If you click on this, a new game will open. And the new game will start with different colors. 
  2. Undo (Ctrl+Z): This is actually the cheat option. If you hit this button, you can undo the last move you've made. 
  3. Statistics: Hitting on this button will show the statistics window.
  4. Configuration: If you hit this button, you will get the configuration window. You can change the game's settings from this option. 
  5. About: This will show you the game developer's information.
  6. Help: Help option has been removed from portable version. You can't use this one.

Instructions - Really easy to play . . .

  • You have to uncover the background by removing all the boxes.
  • A single box can't be clicked. There must be at least two boxes which are either horizontally or vertically arranged to be clicked or removed. 
  • You've be strategic enough to clear all the boxes. 
  • At the end of the game, if there are boxes left without combination of similar boxes, the game will be over without achieving the target.

Share your Performance with Us . . . 

Just before publishing this post, I tried 7/8 times to clear all the boxes. And I'm really happy to inform you that I've been able to do so! Check the proofs below:

Clickonomia Final Screenshot

Clickonomia Winning Message

I've played this game for more than 100 times so far. But I've been able to clear all the boxes only 4/5 times. It depends on luck also. If you're able to achieve the target, please share with us. Or if you have any query, leave a comment below . . . 

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