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Remove Unwanted Spots by Content Aware

All of you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Everybody knows Photoshop is a great tool to work with images. It's really helpful to edit image. The latest version of Photoshop is CS6. Today I am gonna write about an amazing option of Adobe Photoshop - Content Aware. It's a magical tool. With this tool, you can vanish unwanted spots or area from your photos just like a magician! 

System Requirement
Unfortunately content aware is a new feature of Photoshop. It's just added to the CS5 version. Even CS4 doesn't have this cool feature. But if you're using CS6 then you will get this option under the Edit menu. 

About Content Aware
As mentioned earlier, Content Aware is a new feature of photoshop. Photoshop version CS5 (or higher) users can enjoy it. With this tool you can remove unwanted spots or area from an image. 
Of course you can do this with the help of Clone Stamp Tool. But in this method you have to choose sample from one area and copy it to another. And sometimes it …

How to Find Own Mobile Number?

Samsung Classic Mobile

In our country there cell phone is very cheap. And call rate is much cheaper. So, it has been a popular communication device. Even two person living in adjacent rooms use mobile for communications! 

Though there are six mobile operator in Bangladesh, there any many types of packages provided by a single operator. So a person would like to use as many SIM as he can. At the starting time, it may be difficult for him to memorize own number. Or he may forget the number. If he forget his number then he may face problem when recharging the balance or give his phone number to others. 

The easiest way find out the own mobile number is to call another person or simply giving a miss call. But if you have no person with you in case of emergency? Or if your balance is 0 then what? 

Mobile operators provide a code to find your own number. Follow these codes: 

Dial *2#
Type MDN > Send to 7678
Robi:Dial *140*2*4#
Banglalink:Dial *511#
Airtel:Dial *121*6*3#
Teletalk :Type ar and send to 222(ChargeTk. 0.58)

Hope the codes will be useful for you. Thanks for visiting this site.

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