Friday, January 11, 2013

Translate Text or Webpage by Google Translate

Google Translate Logo
Google is something that net user can't ignore. Without Google net world is incomplete. Though Facebook is growing fast and already have more than 1000 million registered users. Still many people don't have FB ID. But there might not be a single person who uses net but doesn't use Google. 

Most of the people know that Google has many products and services. Search Engine, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail and so many. Today I will discuss about a small but great service. This is Google Translate

By this time many of you know that Google Translate is an online language translator. Currently it supports 66 languages. With this tool you can:
  • Translate a given text
  • Translate a document by uploading it
  • Translate a webpage by its URL
Even you can suggest the correct translation if something is wrong. 

  • Translating few words or sentences: Go to Google Translate. Type or copy the text in the left box. Choose your language. Or if you don't know the language then choose detect language. Now select the language that you want to translate to. Click on the translate button. 
  • Translating Document: If you would like to translate a whole document saved in your hard disk then visit Google Translate first. Click on Translate a document. Then choose your document and upload it. Now click on Translate button. Don't forget to choose the target language! 
  • Translating Web Page: If you wanna translate a web page then copy and paste the URL in the left box. Select your desired language and click on the Translate button. Whole website will be translated in that language! 

If you see any wrong translation then please correct this. There you will find an option to contribute better translation.  

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  1. didn't know about translating webpage. had to use google chrome for that. was painful.. this could be useful in firefox.. so thanks

    1. Hello Buddy!

      Don't be afraid. You don't need Google Chrome to translate a website! All you need is just to visit Google Translate and the copy-paste the URL in the left box. And finally hit on the translate button. That's it.

      Have you used the new version of chrome? I recommend to use SRWare Iron. This is better than Firefox.

      Thanks for the comment. Stay with us . . .