Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Delete an OS by MSCONFIG?

How to delete an operating system

It was at the end of 2011 when Windows 8 was released for the first time as developer preview version. I installed it on my PC with Windows 7 side by side. Most of the people didn't like it. But I was very impressed just after using it for few hours. 

Then I decided to remove Windows 7 to continue with Windows 8. Windows 7 was installed on Drive C and Windows 8 was on D. To delete Windows 7 I booted from Windows 8. And tried to format C Drive. 

But drive C was not formatted! Because Windows files were very much protected. They can't be formatted until you re-install your windows. What should you do now? How will you remove the OS that you don't wanna use? 

Let's find how to solve this problem. 
  1. Open System Configuration. (Hint: Start + R > msconfig > enter
  2. Select the Boot Tab.
  3. Choose the Operating System you wanna remove. 
  4. Now hit the Delete button. 
  5. Open My Computer. Format the drive where removed Operating System was installed. That's it. 

Don't try to remove the OS on which your PC is currently running! I mean if you wanna remove Windows 7 then start PC by Windows 8. Because you can't cut the tree on which you're climbing! :)

How to delete an OS by msconfig

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