Thursday, January 03, 2013

How to Optimize and Improve the Loading Time of Websites

Couple of weeks ago I discussed about Pagespeed. It was about how much faster your site is according to Google Pagespeed. Today I will discuss about Web Page Optimization that is very similar to pagespeed topic. 

Bloggers are too much busy with SEO. And many of them are not interested in WSO. But they don't know Web Site Optimization is also a part of SEO. A site that takes huge time to load will be deprived of returning visitors. But Google focus on Returning visitors while considering page rank!

Today's discussion about the loading time of any website including blog or forum. In Google Page Speed there you can get only a score out of 100 with few suggestions. But in you will get a detailed information about what to do to improve the loading time. 

Follow the steps below to analyze your site:
  1. Visit WebSite Analyzer
  2. Enter your site's URL ├Čn the box named- Enter URL to diagnose and hit on the submit button. (ie.
  3. Retype the captcha character in the box provided and hit on continue button.
  4. Now you get the report of your site in detail named as Web Page Speed Report.

In this report you will get necessary information about your whole website. Each element of your site will be discussed separately. Thus you can understand which parts of your site need to be optimized. 

Though everything is clearly defined in the report I'm gonna discuss about the most important things to focus:
  • Number of Objects: Make sure your total number of objects is less than 20. Object may be any graphic designs, buttons etc. The more the objects in your page the more time it will take to load. Because it may increase HTTP requests.  
  • Image Size and amount: You may like to use more images. But excessive use of images will increase the loading time as it may increase HTTP requests. 
  • Number of CSS Files: Don't use too much external CSS files. Because they are placed at the head of your HTML and need to be load faster than any other contents. So keep as few CSS files as possible. 
  • Position of number Java Scripts: Place JavaScript at the end of the body if possible. So that they can't slow down the loading of the contents. And don't use too much external JavaScript in the page. Keep Java Script size within 20 KB. 
  • Size of the Page: Keep the total size of the page within 100 KB if possible.  

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  1. Well Written!
    And Awesome Post!
    Sure I'll Reduce my blog load time!!

  2. Nice post. My page speed is 92, how is it.
    Live Technology

    1. Not bad, but you've to improve it. It should be 95 or above.

  3. Plz munna tell me how to do it easily i'm not understanding..!!

    1. I have already visited your site and also left a comment for you. I mean you have to remove the unnecessary images, gadgets, social sharing options.

      For example you've added twitter bird, facebook car etc. This is very childish. Never do anything that delay your loading time.

      Thanks for contacting us. Stay close . . .

  4. Now See munna I've ( ) got an overall PageSpeed Score of 89 (out of 100).

    1. 89 is not a good score at all! :(

      Try to take it to the 94 and above. And please remove all unnecessary images and gadgets from your site.

    2. Bro Now See My blog's page speed

    3. Do u have any plan to exceed my bandwidth limit?
      Each time I visit your site, it takes my 1 MB Data!

      Your page speed is only 88. It should be more than 93.

  5. Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work.
    website design

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We like to hear the visitors' voice . . . :)