Monday, January 28, 2013

Typing Speed Secret!!!

Type Faster

New PC users (sometimes intermediate users too) ask a question very often. It maybe any of the type below:
  • Why I can't type like a pro?
  • Could I ever type more than 50 words per minute? 
Suggestion is also a very typical one. Practice, practice and practice.   

Practice Makes a Man Perfect!

Sum up all the suggestions about way to typing fast you get throughout the net and from the other people you know. What you'll get is practice. Definitely without sufficient practice you can't type faster. There is no shortcut method. There is no alternative. Secret is in the method of practicing! 

But today I'm gonna share a secret with you. If you follow this method, surely you can boost your typing speed. 

Simply try to memorize the movements of your finger while typing a word! 

You may notice that you can quickly type some words which are very common for you. And you can't type some words fast. Why this problem occurs? Why you can't quickly type all the words? 

Because you don't know the finger movements for other words. Start memorizing the finger movements of the word you type. And get the result within few hours! 

Here are some additional tips for you . . . 
  • Get a clear Idea about the location of each key in the keyboard. Any confusion will reduce your typing speed. 
  • Type difficult words again and again until you can memorize the finger movements of those words. 
  • Never break the typing rules. Such as using 2 or 3 fingers of a hand, looking to the keyboard, wrong position of the fingers. 
  • Chat with your friends in G Talk, Facebook or Messenger with a target to type faster. 
  • Type at least one hour daily. 
Example: Suppose you hear a word - Blogger. Immediately after hearing this word you have to think which fingers you should use to type the letters B, l, o, g, g, e, r. Doesn't matter whether you're on a computer or playing cricket. You have to think of it internally. 

My Own Case: As my blog name is Marks PC Solution, I need to type it very frequently. I can't type Marketing Research as faster as Marks PC Solution. Because I don't need to type Marketing Research frequently and never tried to memorize the finger movements for this word.  But if you wanna be faster you've to memorize the movements. 

And don't try to do this before knowing all the rules of typing. When you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of typing you should practice this method. 

You can also take help of Typing Master. It's the most popular software to increase typing speed. Download it from here

NB: You must be fully aware of all the rules and regulation of typing. Otherwise you can't get most out of this trick. 

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  1. Memorizing movements of my finger -- yes! That's the mystery! I did not thought of it that way! When I type I curiously tested this tip. And it is true for me. The reason behind why I can type Bangla in a laptop just like desktop lies in the memorization of the movements of fingers.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      And one thing you should remember- when all the typing keys you're familiar with you don't need to remind them at all ! You just need to memorize your fingers movement. Professionals do so (Subconsciously) !!