Monday, January 21, 2013

MS Excel Training: Basics, Salary Sheet, Result Sheet, Electric Bill

MS Excel Training Sheet

Hello Guys! 

Today I've come with something special for you! This is about Microsoft Excel Training. You will get an Excel File with some popular excel sheets. 

Previously I discussed about MS Word: 
But for the first time in this blog, I'm writing about MS Excel. The file contains the following materials:
  • Some Basics about MS Excel
  • Salary Sheet
  • Electric Bill 
  • Result Sheet
  • And some discussions
Hope you will be find it useful. All the sheets are included in a single file. It just 28 KB. After downloading the file you should be able to move different sheet from the bottom. For your convenience each sheet has been named properly.  But it supports only:
  • Office 2007 
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
If you're using 2003 or earlier version then first open this file in 2007 or 10. Then you can save the file for using in 2003. 

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