How to Create Backlinks for Blog or Website?

How to Create Backlinks

Not getting ideas about what to write. Because last few days I wrote about all the topics I got within last 7 days! No problem. Today we can discuss about creating backlinks - an essential part of SEO. 

What is back link actually? It's just your site's link on other sites. Your links maybe on other sites' comment, post, link list etc. When other sites have your link on them search engines consider your site as important one. 

The sites with higher backlinks get the priority while showing in the search result. But search engines' policy change very often. Couple of months ago Google decides to rank the sites best on their contents. That means they said they will consider the quality of the contents of a site. 

Whatever the case is you should try to build up links on higher PR sites. And at the same time your content must be good, unique and interesting too. 

Now I will talk about few easy ways for creating backlinks. Yeah it's simple. But time consuming. 
  • Commenting: You can comment on other sites like blog, website, forum etc with your site's link. Make sure your comment is relevant, useful and attractive. 
  • Creating Accounts: Many websites let their users create an account with their own URL. So when you create web accounts make sure to include your URL there if you've that opportunity. 
  • Posting: There are many websites, blogs and forums where you can write. While writing on other sites try to relate your topic with your site's contents. And try to create link. If your post is popular you will get a good number of visitors as bonus! 
  • Submission: Submit your site in different free submission site. If your site's link is found in those sites it will be considered as backlinks. 

These are the main ways to create links or backlinks. There are many other ways. But they are nothing but the variations of the above methods. 

Hope you know how to create anchor text. But who don't know follow the system below:
  1. Your Text: Marks PC Solution
  2. Your Link:
  3. You should write: <a href=>Marks PC Solution</a>
Above system is for the blog or websites. This is called HTML anchor text. But if you'd like to create anchor text for the forum then follow this system:
  1. Your Text: Marks PC Solution
  2. Your Link:
  3. You should write: [url=]Marks PC Solution[/url] 

This is known as BB code anchor text. 

If you can successfully create anchor text you will only see Marks PC Solution. When someone click on it he will be directed to the URL of Marks PC Solution. 

Finally, you should know that, backlink is not only important for search engines but also important to drive traffic in your site! 

Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!