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Marks PC Got a New CPU!

Finally I've got a new system unit! I purchased the CPU in April 02, 2014. I was very busy with transferring my files from old PC. So I didn't get enough time to write about my new CPU. In this post I'm gonna share my experience with you. And I also would like to give you some tips which you can follow before and after buying a new PC. 

In fact, I'm suffering with my old PC for more than a year. It shuts down without notice. And there is no definite pattern of shutting down. Actually the parts are 5.5 years old. So I didn't think about repairing. I've purchased a new system unit. 

I would like to start with my CPU configuration:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3220, 3.3 GHz (4 CPUs), 3MB Cache
  • System/Mainboard: GIGABYTE H61M-S2PV, LGA 1155 (Ultra Durable)
  • Memory: Team Elite 4GB DDR3 RAM with 1600 Bus Speed
  • Hard Drive: Samsung 1 TB HD 103SM
  • DVD Drive: HP DVD Writer 1265
  • Casing: San ATX Casing (E011B) with High Watt Power Supply

After assembling the CPU, the seller asked me to power on the system. I pushed the power button but it didn't run! Then he checked the connectors, power cords and everything. My father was there. He advised to check the power switch. 

Then the seller used reset switch to turn on the system. And it worked! What happened actually? There was a fault in the power button. After changing the internal connector of  the power button, it worked fine. 

Total Cost is approximately $ 340. 3-year warranty for Mainboard and CPU. Product lifetime warranty for RAM. Hard Disk and DVD writer get 1 year warranty. 

Here is my system rating

Windows 8 System Rating

Now I'd like to discuss what to do before and after buying a new PC. 

Before you Purchase - Think
  • What do you do using PC?
  • How much heavier your tasks are? Gaming, Graphics or Official Tasks? 
  • How much you know about configuration? Are you an expert or novice? 
  • Do you have a familiar PC shop which you can trust? How much expert they are?

Before buying a PC, you must think about these questions. You should also think about warranty. Because computer equipments could be damaged any time. Even best quality product can't guarantee that it wouldn't be damaged. But a good brand can ensure warranty service.  

You must think about your activities before purchasing a PC. What type of PC you should buy depends on your tasks. Heavier tasks like graphics, gaming requires a heavier system. But if you only browse Internet and work with Microsoft Office, then dual core PC with 2 GB RAM is enough for you. 

If you're expert about PC, then it's okay. But if you're just a beginner or don't have much idea about configuration, then you should talk to an expert. Or at least you can talk to a friend who has a good idea. 

Finally, choose a better outlet from where you will buy the computer. Never choose a shop which offers low price PC. I swear, you have to suffer with defective parts. Just tell the seller one thing - I need a quality CPU. Price doesn't matter. Because some sellers cut the price to match your budget. And often they give you poor quality parts to reduce the price. 

You must also ensure that you will get warranty for important equipments like Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Hard Disk etc. 

When you Purchase - Observe

When you're at the purchase point, you should observe the assembling procedure. Make sure that, the person assembling your CPU is an expert. Otherwise equipments could be damaged due to the wrong handling. 
  • Be sure that every equipment is new. Check the packet before opening an equipment. Make sure that the product is properly sealed in the packet with sticker. If the seal is broken, inform the seller and ask him to give you a new one. 
  • Check the installation of processor. Make sure that, CPU fan is properly installed.
  • There are usually 06 points in a motherboard. Make sure all of them are properly inserted into the casing.
  • Be sure that internal connectors are properly connected. 
  • Check the USB ports with a flash drive if possible and necessary.
  • Any loose connections may be the cause of danger. So be sure, there is no loose connections.
  • When the assembling is complete, turn on your system properly. And make sure everything is working perfectly. 

Before leaving the shop, don't forget to pack your equipments properly. Take the necessary documents - warranty papers, money receipt etc. Take the CD/ DVDs that come with the products. Ask the seller for any advice that can increase your computer life so that you shouldn't come back for warranty! 

After you Purchase - Ensure Proper Maintenance

A computer could be a machine. But it needs proper maintenance just like a human body. And you must take some precautionary measures to avoid any occurrence. Here are some tips for you: 
  • Place the system in a cool and dry place. 
  • Keep the surrounding area clean to keep the dust minimum.
  • Use Voltage Stabilizer and UPS to avoid any damage. 
  • Connect the cords using a good quality multiplug. 
  • Place the CPU in a way so that it doesn't touch any other object ie. walls, tables or any other electrical equipments.
  • Perform maintenance tasks at a regular interval.
  • Clean up your PC properly. Or take help of an expert.

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Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!


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