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Download Flash Game Egg Hunt for Free!!

Download Egg Hunt

Hey Gamers! Are you busy with highly graphics consuming big games? Let's play a tiny flash game - Egg Hunt. Though somewhat childish, but Egg Hunt is really a challenging game. All you need to do is just collect eggs and avoid crap. You have to collect eggs through a basket to earn point. But if you take crap by mistake, points will be deducted! 

Have a look at the game screen. This is really attractive. Specially kids like this game a lot. 

Egg Hunt Screenshot

Many flash games are harmful for your mouse.  But in this game, you don't need to click a button. You just need to move your button to collect eggs! So don't need to think about your mouse lifetime. ;)

Download the game from the above link. It's just 550 KB. Now unzip it. Remember, this is the German version. I didn't find the English version of this game. But I can translate the words for you! 

German -  English

Punkte     -  Points
Zeit           -  Time


Double click on EggHunt.exe to run the game. Now hit on the Start button to play. After starting the game, you will get a basket. Move the basket with mouse pointer to collect eggs. There are 5 chickens which lay down eggs. There are 3 types of eggs.

  • Normal egg is worth of 1 point
  • Silver egg is worth of 5 points
  • Golden egg is word of 10 points

Beware of craps. If you collect crap/ shit instead of eggs, you will get -10 points. That means 10 points will be deducted from your total points. 

You will get 60 seconds to collect eggs. How many eggs you collected, missed and how many craps you taken will be shown at the bottom. After finishing the game you may enter your name and comment. 

Then hit on Fenster Schliessen. It means Close Window. 

  • While playing, if you need to go to Desktop, press Start + D (Game will be running)
  • If you need to close the game, Press Alt+F4. 

© 2001 by Frank Lamozik

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