Friday, April 18, 2014

Cook Timer: Free Countdown Clock

Cook Timer Countdown Clock

Today I'm gonna share a nice countdown tool with you. Often you may need to set alarms while working with something. This is a light-weight and handy timer. It's known as Cook Timer. I think this will be really helpful for you.

Have a look at the interface below:

Cook Timer Countdown Clock

I think you've already got an idea from the above image. Look, I've set 5 minutes. And it's counting down. After finishing the 5 minutes, it will ring for two times - Tick tick. 


By default, you get 4 preset options. Choose any of the 4 radio buttons which you need. But if presets don't work for you, then choose Custom option. 


Choose custom to set alarm manually. Then set your time as HH:MM:SS.

Stop (Pause)

If you need to pause the timer for any reason, hit on the Stop button. When you need to resume, press Start. 


If you wanna stop the timer and start a new alarm, then hit on the Reset button. Then set it again. 

Automatic Restart

Suppose you need to hear alarm in every 5 minutes. Set the alarm accordingly. Select Automatic Restart option. Now start the alarm. After 5 minutes, the clock will ring for two times, and it will start again for another 5 minutes. This process will continue until you stop this. 

Ring Forever

Suppose you set the clock for 15 minutes. Maybe you need to stop the water pump when the clock will ring. After 15 minutes the clock rings, but can't hear. Because you're so busy with a phone call, or there was an aircraft passing your area. Finally you are 3 minutes late to stop the water pump. And your roof is flooded by water! 

But if you just select the Ring Forever option, it wouldn't happen. It will be ringing continuously until you stop the timer. :) 

Download Cook Timer

Download the Cook Timer from the above link. It's just 230 KB! After downloading, unzip it first. Then keep it in a safe place of your hard disk.


It's name is Cook Timer. That means you can use this while cooking something. Personally I use this handy tool when running my water pump. I set time when start the motor. And stop it when the timer rings. 

Besides you can use this for different purpose. 

Pin the Timer To Taskbar

You can pin this timer on your task bar for easy access. Find the CookTimer.exe from your hard disk. Then right click on it and hit on Pin to Taskbar. See the image below:

Pinning Something to Taskbar

Now you will get the Cook Timer icon on your taskbar. To start the timer, simply click on it. You can also start it by pressing Start + (Cook Timer Position). 

Icons in the Taskbar

This is Cook Timer in my Taskbar. To run the timer, I just need to press Start + 5. Because this is in the fifth position in my taskbar. 

In this way you can run the timer up to 9th place. If your timer is out of 9th place then drag and reposition it in your taskbar. 

How funny! I've crossed 500 words to write about just a little soft. Small tools sometimes could be smart if it gets a smart user! 

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