Saturday, August 15, 2015

Show My Computer Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

Display Computer Icon on Windows 10

You may find it very difficult to show Computer/ My Computer/ This PC icon on Windows 10 desktop. To be honest, I also get puzzled by this problem! Now I've been able to fix this problem. In fact, Windows 10 has come with many absurd settings. Maintaining your system has been a tough job here. 

Same thing happened to Windows 8 also. But showing my computer icon on Windows 8 desktop was much easier. I mean finding the settings for showing desktop items were easier. Now I will show the way to show This PC icon on Windows 10 desktop. 

This tips applies to - Windows 10 Final Version only!

Display My Computer Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

Follow the simple steps below . . .

Right Click Menu on Desktop

  1. Go to Desktop (Press Start+D)
  2. Right click on a open area > Choose Personalize
  3. From the Personalization window, hit on Themes button
  4. Related Settings > Desktop icon settings
  5. Now you will get Desktop Icon Settings window
  6. Choose necessary Desktop Icons > Apply > OK. That's it!

Windows 10 Personalization Dialogue Box

Desktop Icon Settings Window

Microsoft is Getting Crazy!

I'm fed up with Microsoft! They've just made some wrong changes for last few versions of Windows. I can point them out - 

  • Removing .Net Framework 3.5 
  • Removing My Computer Icon from Desktop
  • Disabling Automatic Update Control settings
  • Removing date calculation option from Calculator
  • Removing Windows Update from Control Panel
  • Poor Start Menu (Windows 8 Start Menu was better)
  • Overall difficult settings - absolutely absurd!

They've also decided not to release any more new version of Windows OS! So, we're not getting any better version soon . . .

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