How to Add an Author in Blogger

Add Blog Authors in Blogger

If you've a blog on blogger and if you wanna grow it up then you can invite your friends or other people as author in your blog. Because an individual can't generate lots of ideas. And it is very tough for a single person to write contents regularly unless he is a professional. Of course you can control every posts written by the others in your blog. 

In Wordpress Blogs users can register and write if the Admin allows them. But in Blogger there is no such option. Rather you can invite people to write with you. In this post I'm gonna show how to add multiple authors in blogger blog

Well this is very easy and many of you may know it by this time. Let's begin: 
  1. I hope you're signed in to your blogger account
  2. Go to Settings > Basic > Permissions
  3. Look at the right of Blog Authors option where is name and email is shown. 
  4. Hit on Add Authors option just below this. 
  5. Now invite people by Email address. You can invite 2 or more people. Separate each email by comma. You can also choose email from Contacts. (Only Gmail Address is allowed)
  6. Now hit on the Invite Authors button. Invited people will get a confirmation mail. After accepting the mail, they will be able to write in your site. 
You can also control the permission from here. You can choose whether the invited people will be only Author or have Administrative power. Don't make someone admin unless you trust him fully. 

How to invite authors in blogger blog

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