Friday, February 15, 2013

Can't type @? Fix it Now by Adding US English !

at symbol

If you're using Windows you may face problem to type @. Specially when you are sending an email to someone. Because an email address essentially includes the symbol @. But all users of Windows 8 doesn't face this problem. Because they aren't using UK English! 

Yes, this problem is only faced by the users of Windows 8 whose input method is UK English.  In that situation you can add another language. 

However you can easily add a language in Windows 8. Follow the procedure below: 

Adding English US language

  1. Go to Control Panel (Hint: Start + R > type Control > Enter
  2. Hit on Language option
  3. Click Add a Language button
  4. Choose your language from the list. ie. English
  5. Here you will see all the available variations of English
  6. Choose English and double click on it 
  7. Select English (United States) and hit on Add button
  8. Now you will see the list of added language. 
  9. To remove any language select it first, then click on Remove button. 
  10. Now look at the left of your clock in the Task Bar. You will see ENG. Hit on it and select English US Keyboard.
  11. You can switch language anytime by pressing Start + Space. That's it! 

How to Change Language in Windows 8

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