Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Hide or Unhide a File or Folder

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A common question asked by the beginner is how to hide a file or folder. Hiding a file or folder means you don't want others to have access in that particular file or folder. For example- You don't let your little brother access your games folder as I do normally! Or you may have any other private reason. For example- You don't want others to see a file which contains your online accounts information. 

Most of the PC users know how to hide or unhide a file. But some of you may not know this. For those guys I'm gonna write about this. 

Okay let's start hiding your files or folders: 
  1. First of all go to the location where your particular file or folder is located. For example: D Drive Games Folder.
  2. Right click on the file or folder you wanna hide and choose Properties
  3. Mark the Hidden option and hit OK
  4. That's it. Your selected file is now hidden. 

How to Unhide a file or Folder

Now if you wanna view the hidden item do as below: 
  1. Go to the Folder Options from My Computer. Windows XP users will find this under the View menu. 
  2. Hit the View in Folder Options.
  3. Select Show Hidden Files and Folder and Hit OK.
  4. Now you can see your Hidden File or Folder. 
  5. Right click on it and go to Properties
  6. Unmark the Hidden option and Hit OK. 
  7. That's it. 

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