Friday, February 22, 2013

Take Online Typing Test to Boost your Speed

Typing Test Speed Score

Typing speed is an asset for a person. In many cases people may rate you by your typing speed. You can measure your typing speed by taking online typing tests. There are many sites available for taking typing tests. Today I'm gonna talk about some popular and useful sites for taking typing tests. 

This is my second post about typing. If you're regular on this site then you should notice this post- Typing Speed Secret!. In that post I discussed about how to increase typing speed. 

Today I'm gonna share 4 sites from where you can take typing tests. It's totally free of cost and online. You don't need to install any software or anything. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages. You can choose any of them. Whatever you do, make sure you're trying regularly. Otherwise nothing and none can increase your speed. 

  • This is the most strong and popular site for taking typing test. In fact, this site is a part of famous Typing Master Software. After visiting this site you've to set the language, duration and article. Then hit on Start Test. Immediately you will be redirected to the test page. Start typing to begin the test. After finishing the test, you've to carefully analyze the result. 

  • Free Online Touch Typing Speed Test Another popular site for typing test. The most important feature of this site is- simple. Ya this site is really very simple and easy to use. When you visit the site a new article will appear. To start the test, hit on Start the Clock button. When you finish hit on Stop the Clock. After stopping the clock you will get the result. 

  • Rapid Typing Zone: Well this site is more interesting. At least this site has attracted me. Know why? Because it stores your result! When you visit this site you can see the list of recent test results. Your name and speed will also be displayed there after taking the test. And you can also see the list of speed winner! To start the test, type your name and set your text. Then hit on Start test, and when you finish click on Done

  • Speed Typing Online: This site is fantastic! I've never seen such a marvelous system. This site doesn't show the text separately. The given text is gray colored. When you type the color will be green. If you're wrong the text color will be red. Speed and accuracy will be counted immediately. 

These are the online methods of taking typing tests. But these methods are only for those people who don't wanna install typing master. But if you have any typing software then you may get something more from it. 

First, I personally suggest you to use Typing Master software. When your speed is more than 30 wpm then you should go for the online test. 

Remember: Before memorizing the keys do not try to increase the speed. If you do so, then your accuracy will not be satisfactory. 

Tips: While trying to increase the speed, also focus on accuracy. 

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