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Boost Your PC Speed by Using SSD

In short you can explain an SSD (Solid State Drive) as modern HDD (Hard Disk Drive). What's the difference then? Maybe the functions are almost same but there are some big differences between the two. Go through the post to clear the concept . . .

What's an SSD A solid state drive or SSD is a storage device that uses non volatile flash memory along with necessary controller and chipset to store the data. It's somewhat like RAM, but unlike RAM it can store data for a long period of time. 
An SSD drive is considered to be more durable and stable in that sense - There is no moving parts i.e. platters, spindle, R/W head etc. which are available in traditional HDD.  

Advantages of SSD over HDD If you use SSD as your primary boot device instead of HDD then you may get the following advantages -  Faster performanceLower power consumptionBetter vibration resistanceLower heat No noiseIn short we can say, SSD is more durable and stable than traditional HDD. 

After installing SSD, you will…

Google Home Page is Getting Changed!

Android Phone PNG Image

The search giant Google may change their home page! Google named this project as Google Now. The new screen will look like iGoogle. Users will have the choice to select the gadgets that they want to be appeared on the screen. And Google has already announced that the iGoogle will not be available after November 01, 2013. 

Actually Google is trying to compete with Facebook. Facebook is so popular that Google can't beat it even after having a large number of product and service categories. People are continuing to increase their time on social networks. To catch the people's attention, Google launched the Google plus two years ago. At the beginning, it seems that Google Plus will be able to knock down Facebook. But reality was quite different. Still Google is trying to improve their service quality. Maybe the new project, Google Now, is a part of this effort.  

Google Now Weather Card

If the new home page, Google Now, is launched then it will be look somewhat like yahoo. Yahoo home page shows different types of gadgets- Sports News, Weather, Political Issues etc. The new homepage of Google will include different types of information at the home page. And users will be able to add or remove cards as they like. This will be the basic difference between Google and Yahoo Homepage. 

Google Now Flight Card Image

Google is now working to introduce this new service in Android Phones and Chromebook Pixel. 

Important Features of Google Now

  • Get the right information at the right time - Cards appear when they're needed most
  • No digging required 
  • You're in control - choose what you need and what you don't!  
  • More than 25 cards with more to come
  • Manage your day - Get informed about what's happening in your daily life, including what you need to do, where to go, how to get around.
  • Stay Connected - Keep up with your interests: Sports, Movies, Concerts, Stocks . . .
  • By a local, anywhere - Get information about any place where you're visiting now! 

Actually most of the users of Google don't like to use iGoogle. It is less popular because of delay in loading the page. And it is relatively complicated too. As a result, Google is going to stop the iGoogle within this year. And trying to promote the new service- Google Now. 

But introducing such a service at the home page may be a great risk for Google. Because most of the people are used to search information at Google Home Page. People like fast loading sites. When the new screen appears, it will not be as usual as we want. In that case, Google may loose its popularity as search engine! And it could be a great opportunity for bing

As a precautionary measure, Google can let people choose whether they want to see the new look or old. But I'm quite sure more than 70% people will be choosing the old look. Because most of the people use Google for searching information. And when they will see the new look, they will feel bore. 

Google should launch the new screen in such a way so that it never bother the users. If Google forces users to continue with the new look, it will loose popularity as a search engine. 

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