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Brief History of World Wide Web

The History of Word Wide Web

All of you know about WWW- World Wide Web. But how many of you know about the history of World Wide Web? Or how many of you know why it was developed and how? In this post I will try to discuss the history of World Wide Web in short. I've collected data from different sites- Wikipedia, Cern etc. 

The Inventor of WWW Tim Berners-Lee Image
Tim Berners-Lee

The World Wide Web was invented by a British Scientist named Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. He was a scientist of CERN- European Organization for Nuclear Research lab. CERN was founded in 1954 based in Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border. It has 2400 full-time employees, 1500 part-time employees and 10000 visiting scientists and engineers representing 608 universities and research facilities 113 countries of the world. 

Robert Cailliau

Initially the web was developed to share information among scientists in universities and institutes around the world. The basic idea of the WWW was to combine the technologies of personal computers, computer networking and hypertext into a powerful and easy to use global information system. 

In 1989, Berners-Lee wrote a proposal for the World Wide Web at CERN. On November 12, 1990, he published a formal proposal (including important term and concepts behind web) along with Robert Cailliau. The document described a Hypertext Project named as WorldWideWeb which could be viewed by a Browser

At the end of 1990, a prototype program for a basic web system was developed and it was applied at CERN. The first website of the world is - http://info.cern.ch/

Thus WWW was invented. Every website of the world includes www. But new web browsers skip it because of its commonness. There are millions of websites, blogs, forums etc. running across the world. And everyday thousands of new sites are coming into existence. 

The web was invented with a great intention. The invention of web was a revolution in communication technology. But with the passage of time the abuse of it is increasing tremendously. When the technology goes to the wrong hand the result is usually very pathetic. Same case happens to the web. 

Now the web is polluted by hacking, cracking, virus you know. But it could also be used to make the world better. So, it's our responsibility to keep the web safe . . . 

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