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How to Punish Your Site's Contents Thieves?

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If you're a blogger or article writer then you must know how to report a blog or website copying your contents. You should know how to punish the defaulter. There are a number of logical reasons for which you should punish those culprits. In this post I'm gonna try to give you an idea about taking actions against plagiarists

It has been more than a year since I've started blogging. Earlier this blog was very small in terms of number of posts, topics, categories, visitors etc. But now this site has more than 200 posts. Everyday I've to handle many comments and requests. And everyday I get a good number of unique visitors in this site. But with the increasing popularity of the site I've discovered a serious problem! Some fake bloggers are copying posts from here without linking back! 

I spend thousands of my valuable hours to write posts, to design related images, to gather necessary information. And when I see few of my posts published in other blogs without referral link I get disappointed. A post that requires 2 hours to write, being copied in 2 minutes! Doesn't it bother you? 

Not only me, this problem belongs to every popular blog owners and article writers. But what's wrong if your posts are being copied? Or why should you stop someone from copying your posts? Look at the reasons below:

Why Should you Stop the Thieves? 

  • To Protect Search Rank: Google/search engine demands unique articles. So, when someone copies your posts, Google may ignore your site in the search results. In a word, the plagiarist is ultimately reducing your page rank and SEO
  • To Save AdSense Account: If your site is  AdSense approved then you're in the middle of a great trouble! An important requirement of the AdSense Program is unique content. So when your site is being copied your AdSense account could be disabled at any time! Or if you're trying to approve your AdSense account Google may reject this due to the duplicate content.
  • Keep Visitors: Moreover when someone is copying your posts he is actually taking away your potential visitors! That means you're losing new visitors. 
  • Emotional Aspect: And finally, no one has the right to copy your contents. It is your intellectual property. This is really frustrating for your blogging career. If stupid bloggers continue to copy your posts ultimately you will lose your interest in blogging! 

How to Protect your Contents/ How to Report Plagiarism

How you will protect your contents? Using Java Script to disable the copy option? Definitely not. There are two ways/steps you can follow. Follow them sequentially: 

Step 1: First Aid Method

Never skip this system. At the first step you should contact with the site's Admin where you've found your posts. Comment below the post requesting to link back to your site. Or contact with the person directly to give a referral link in your posts. 

If he doesn't agree then request him to remove the copied posts. Most of the cases they may not reply. Sometimes they might dishonor you directly. 

And if the person respond positively then you're lucky. You don't need to proceed to the step 2. 

Step 2: Surgical Treatment 

If the step 1 (First Aid) fails then you should go for the surgical treatment. Hopefully this method will be able to solve your problem. But before taking any action you have to make sure: 
  • Your contents are unique. 
  • Not breaking any rules and regulation.
  • Not copied from another site.

Here I will suggest three tasks for you. Do these properly.
  1. Copyright your Contents: You should copyright your contents. You can do this at MyFreeCopyright. Don't be afraid. It is 100% free! All you need is just to visit the site and register an account with your email ID. Then confirm your account and register your site's link in that site. After registering your link, you should place a widget on your site from So that they are able to access your site's contents and inform you when other sites copy-paste your posts. 
  2. Identify the Thieves: How do you catch the thieves? Not very tough. Do you know about Copyscape? will help you to identify the sites that steal your contents. Go to the site. Copy and paste your site's url and search for the duplicate contents. Now you will see the list of URLs that copied your articles. You can also use their free banner. Or you can use premium service provided by copyscape if you want. 
  3. Take Action: This is virtual world. So you can't easily sue against a person for copying your posts. Police, FBI, BSS, Detectives can't solve your problems. Instead of law enforcing agencies you can report to Google DMCA to remove the copied contents. Or you can directly go to this page if that person use blogger blog. Never make wrong appeal. It might be harmful for your site. 

Advice for the Bloggers: 

  • Try to write unique articles
  • Never copy from other sites (even with referral link)
  • Use copyscpace regularly to catch the article thieves
  • Register your site on 
  • Never write anything that breaks laws and regulations
  • When someone copies your posts request him to link back to your site or politely tell him to remove your contents
  • If you fail to prevent stupid persons from copying your contents then go for the legal actions as stated above. 

Advice for the Plagiarist:  

You maybe new in blogging so you might have an intention to copy posts written by others. But why don't you link back to original posts? If you want to be a professional blogger then try to write yourself.

You may not have enough ideas. But if you never try to write yourself then you will never be successful. You can't go a long way by copying the posts written by other bloggers. 

If you would like to share an article on your site, then don't forget to link back to the original post. 

Definitely you will be a good blogger in the future. In that time, if someone copy your contents, how do you feel then? 

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  1. I did fault please dont punished me for that.
    Live Technology

    1. Actually when someone copies posts of others Google punishes him someday. For example he may not get AdSense, or sometimes AdSense gets disabled etc etc.

      So always try to write by yourself. This is a better choice.

      And if you like any post from another site then modify that post in your way and don't forget to share the source link. It will not undervalue your site. Give the source link clearly.

  2. Yes,...... you are right this is the main step for improving your site's ranking......Don't copy content from other website..

    best essays & article writers

  3. ya , Nice info is here . Now I am reporting some stupid copy cats who are copying content from my blog - :))

  4. Thanks, very helpful tips.
    My blog content once stolen by others, and finally my adsense account got banned, I was very sad. :(

  5. To disable the copy option is the best protection, I think. Anyone knows how to do it? Thanks

    1. Yes, you can do this via JavaScript. And another JavaScript could break this copy protection :)

      Anyway, within few days I will try to write a post regarding copy protection. But it's somewhat boring for the users. Becacuse sometimes they need to copy something to their hard disk.