Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog Vs Website: The Basic Difference

Basic Difference between Blog and Website

Have you ever thought about the difference between a website and blog? Or do you know what they actually are? Few hours ago I was thinking about the difference between a blog and website. To be honest I had no clear idea about this issue. So I searched it on Google, visited 3/4 sites and got a clear idea. Now I am gonna share my knowledge with you. 

You may think that a blog something which is created either by WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or something like that where the coding knowledge is not essential. And about a website your opinion may be just opposite. Actually you're 50% correct. Let's find out the fact below: 

What is a blog actually?

In fact a blog is a type of website. But it is different from a complete website in following aspects: 
  • The contents of a blog are updated regularly. Posts are generally current and informative. 
  • Normally a blog is an informal way to communicate with the audience. It is interactive in nature. Visitors can express their opinion and communicate with the owners or other visitors. 
  • Anyone may have a blog whether it is an organization or individual. 
  • Blog is considered as Digital Magazine as the recent contents are shown at the top. 
  • A blog has a definite layout and shape. It is not as flexible as website. But you can easily change the design and layout just by using a different template!
  • You don't need to be an expert to maintain a blog. 

Most of the famous organizations have their official blogs. Even Google, Microsoft, Twitter use blog to communicate with their consumers. As the contents of blogs are regularly updated with fresh topics, they can easily get higher rank in the search engines. An organization usually publishes new offers, news updates, notices for the customers through blog. 

An individual may also have a blog. A personal blog may be created by Bloggers, WordPress etc. Personal opinions, experience can be shared by these types of blogs. 

What is a Website? 

A website is normally owned by an organization that contains the information about products and services of that organization. Normally a website doesn't publish new posts like a blog. Rather it adds data to the pages. To have a clear idea please look at the points below:
  • Normally a website is more versatile and flexible than a blog.
  • Coding knowledge is crucial for developing a website. As it is coded by a trained developer, the website can be customized according to the requirements. 
  • Interactivity doesn't exits in a website usually. Because most of the websites excludes comment option. 
  • It is a formal way of communication about products and services. 

A website is a perfect way to present the organization in the web. Consumers can easily surf the site and get required information from it. Some companies also sale their products using their websites. Companies like Apple, Microsoft sell their products online. You know about online sales sites like Amazon.com, eBay etc. take orders from their customer by their websites. 

By this time you should know both blogs and websites have some advantages and disadvantages. As a result many websites are now developed including the features of a blog. Specially WordPress provides such an excellent facility. Many websites are now developed by WordPress due its high customization opportunities. WordPress let you easily customize the contents of the site. A website developed by WordPress has the advantages like a blog too! 

The last thing I would like to say - A blog is a type of website! That's it :) 

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  1. Thank you for great sharing. But I am little opposite here on some aspects. In my sense, Blog is more flexible than web site. Now, there is many platform like blogger, wp, Typepad, squid etc. that are offering easy manageable features.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your observation are well-thought :)

      But maybe you failed to understand my message. You maybe I failed to express my opinion!

      Let's clarify- I wrote, website is more flexible in that sense, if you're a developer you can give your site any look. You can change it anytime. There is nothing fixed. You can design as your wish.

      But when you're using blogger, WP, type pad your site will be in a definite shape. Of course there are many different templates available throughout the web, but whatever you do, you should do it within a definite form.

      Let's consider my situation. I never use 3rd party template for my site. Because sometimes they are not fully compatible with the layout of blogger. That's why I use a default template and change it when required. But I have to follow certain rules. But I were a web developer, I never need to follow this definite form.

      Hope you will stay with us. Thanks again for the comment :)

  2. In my own opinion I rather go for blog or wordpress, rather than website. Because I don't have any I.T knowledge like html codes and etc on how to do website. Blog and Wordpress is more manageable for me because I have basic knowledge about it. :-)

  3. Website: A place on the World Wide Web that contains information about a person or an organization etc, which maintains one or more web pages. Website can be static but not necessary.

    Blog: blog is an abbreviated term of weblog, contains individual’s records and articles, which maintains ongoing chronicle (newest on the top) information. Changes frequently...

    1. Actually it's been difficult to differentiate between blog and website. Because the gap between the two is being narrower day by day.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing with us!