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Chuck Anderson- The Best Theme for Google Chrome!

Chuck Anderson - The best theme for Google Chrome

Which one is the best browser- this debate is absolutely unnecessary now. Undoubtedly Google Chrome (or Chromium Browsers) is the best and most used internet browser right now. More than 50% net users are currently using Google Chrome. 

Few days ago I wrote about the problems of Google Chrome. And as an alternative to Google Chrome, I proposed the name of SRWare Iron

Today I'm gonna share a nice theme designed for Google Chrome. The theme I'm talking about is Chuck Anderson. In my eyes, this is the best one. It works with all Chromium Browsers- Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, CoolNovo etc. 

My personal opinion is that- Chrome and Chuck Anderson is made for each other! The style of Chrome is absolutely matched with Chuck Anderson. I've been using this theme just from the beginning. I search for other themes on Chrome Web Store, but none of them are as beautiful as Chuck Anderson.

Compared to Firefox, Chrome has a very little space at the top. When more than 4 tabs are opened at a time, there is actually no space above the title bar. In this little space, this is very tough for any theme to decorate a browser. But Chuck Anderson have done this amazing job!

Chuck Anderson has few color combination. Red, Green, Magenta, Blue etc. And there are some white spots maybe 7 or 8. The mixture of these elements, believe me, will give your browser an amazing look.  And when you close or open tab, minimize or maximize the browser window,  depending on the space at the top, the color will change automatically.  

If you think that I am giving too much credit to Chuck Anderson, then have a look at the image above. Hopefully this will give you a clear idea about the theme. 

Okay, too much talking is not good for health! Let's add it on Chrome:

Add to Chrome PNG Button
  1. Open Google Chrome or any other Chromium Browser. Or download it from here: Google Chrome, SRWare Iron
  2. Now go to the Chrome Web Store- Theme Page. Or click on the Add to Chrome button.
  3. After visiting the page you will be able to see the details about Chuck Anderson. 
  4. Click on the ADD TO CHROME button. 
  5. If you're successful then you will see the button has been changes as ADDED TO CHROME. That's it. 

So far I know, restarting the browser is not necessary after adding this theme. But if it asks for, then restart it. And enjoy new theme. 

Chuck Anderson is being used by 4,37,893 people. You're not alone! Its rating is almost 4.6 out of 5 (1100 Votes). And definitely the number of users is increasing. 

Now you may think What is Chuck Anderson? Or who is Chuck Anderson? Doesn't it sound like a person's name? Yes it is! 

Chuck Anderson is an artist and designer. He has worked with clients such as Vans, Reebok, Mountain Dew, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, and ESPN. So you can easily understand- this theme is designed by someone special! :) 

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  1. Тема действительно замечательная. Скромная, не пестрая очень хорошо смотрится, глаза не устают.

    1. Hey buddy! We don't understand Russian :) I've used Google Translator to translate your text!

      Anyway, thanks for the comment.


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