Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ad Placement Guidelines for your Site

Guidelines for Placing Ads on Websites/ Blogs

Naturally people get bored when they see too much ads on TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines even on blogs and websites. But a clever publisher's task is to make the ads interesting and useful for the visitors. Today I would like to share some rules for ad placement with you. Read the full article carefully and express your opinion if any. 

Ad Placement Guidelines:

  • Place ads in a place where the visitors can easily see them.
  • You can place ads at the top, at the right side bar and within your posts too. 

Ad Categories:

Make sure the ad categories are related to your site. For example if your site is related to Computer, Internet, Hardware or something like that, then ad categories should be like - Antivirus, Software, Technology etc. Irrelevant ads will not be able to impress the visitors. Even they may feel uneasy if any adult ads appear while visiting your site. 

Never do the Following / Ads Behavior:

This is an important issue while placing ads on your site. Consider these carefully: 
  • Never place the ads which appear in a pop out/ fly out window. It does nothing but irritates the visitors. I usually never back to the sites that use pop out ads. 
  • Never use full page ads. Maybe it pays you better, but when you lose visitors it will give you nothing! 
  • Never use adfly ads or something like adfly on your site. People just hate it! :) 
  • Never place any ad that automatically redirects users in a new page or that automatically open a new window.
  • Never place any ad that makes your site down. Be careful while placing heavy ads like flash. 
  • Never place any boring and irrelevant and adult ads on your site. 

Always Remember: 

Visitors should be your primary concern. You should always try to retain your existing visitors. Never do anything that bores your visitors. Your site must be fast, safe, reliable and good looking. But it doesn't mean that you use too much colors and ads on your site. 

While placing ads within your posts, make sure it doesn't create any problem to read the text. Because a person actually visits your site to collect information. If he faces any problem to read the text then why will he back to your site in the future? 

Finally I would like to advise you, never try to deceive people. Never try to force them to click on ads. Let them understand what is the ads and what is your contents. If the visitors think the ads as your contents and hit on these then they might be angry with you. 

Those who are using AdSense Ads or trying to get AdSense approved for your site, please read the following article: 

Guidelines before and after Getting AdSense

We are waiting for your feedback. Visitors' comments are considered by Marks PC Solution

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    1. Thanks for sharing this with us. But this is not the right post to share about Linux! :)

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  3. brother send me that wre i should post ads code in my blog ""and post about adwords so it will more help for you ryt dear ......i will increase your visiter just help me i will help u more trust me i am new for creating blog...

  4. i want to know 3 things, i have google adsense in my blog .

    1) Is there any connection between page RPM and Clicks,some time my page RPM is very low but number of clicks is high.

    2) as per my knowledge adsense place ads depend on the biding ,if we put 1 or max 2 ads in our page than adsense place high bid ads on my page and may be my earning increase,is this true?.

    3) more click more earning is this true?

    1. You've asked some crucial questions. Thanks for contacting us. Now get the reply :)

      1. NO. RPM determines how much will you earn by clicks. RPM measures the impression - how true the click is.

      2. Maybe not. Look at your score card. Google wants at least 3 types of ads. Large or Medium Rectangle, 120*600 right sidebar ad, 90*720 ad or 5 links unit. Otherwise your revenue optimization score will down.

      3. Not at all. I've got $13 from a single click. Sometimes I can't get $1 from 13 clicks. What do you think now?

    2. thanks ,
      1)in this month my page RPM is very low as compare to the previous month why is it so,
      in previous month my page RPM is 12-15 $ per day but this time it is around 5-10 and some time 12-13 why is it so,
      2)i have placed one 728x90 in top and in the post and one 160*600 right hand side is it ok .
      3)but i have one confusion between 300x250 and 160*600 ad Size on right hand side ads,
      in my some blog i have put 300*250 and in other 160*600 ,this is my adsense report for both size of ads
      300x250 8,068 views 39 click and 160*600 14,400 views and only 16 clicks,now please tell me which type of ads size i have to choose.

    3. Right sidebar ad (160*600) is the most attractive one. And you can put rectangle between your posts. Read more:

      Request: Please add me in your Google+ Circle and also give +1 to my posts.