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Protect Your Site's Contents by DMCA

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Hello Bloggers! 

Only a few weeks ago I published a post about protecting site's contents. In that post, I discussed about: 
  • Why you need to stop others who copy from your site?
  • How to protect your contents?
  • How to report plagiarism?
  • How to copyright your contents?
  • How to identify thieves?
  • How to take action against plagiarists? 

So before reading this post please have a look at the following post: 

How to Punish Your Site's Contents Thieves?

This post is absolutely targeted for the Bloggers, Site owners or Site Admins. Because, day by day, copyright is being an important issues of the web. If you're a blogger or site owner, you need to protect your contents from plagiarists. And if you're someone like plagiarist then you need to stop stealing contents from others! 

Well the DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, was established in 1996 to protect the contents of web. DMCA provides the services to protect your digital contents- text, images, site's contents etc. 

DMCA has their own badges which you can place in your sites to warn the plagiarists. When you place the DMCA badge on your site it will be scanning and adding the URLs of your sites. It may take up to 48 hours to add all of the links of your site in DMCA database. 

Let's implement DMCA badge on your site! Okay start - 
  1. Sign up at DMCA by your email. 
  2. You should receive a confirmation mail including your username and password. Later you can change your password by logging in.
  3. Now go to the Protection Badges Tab to find a badge for your site. 
  4. There are many badges in different colors, sizes and texts. Choose a badge that is suitable for you. 
  5. Copy the code just under the badge and paste it in your site's html. Or if you're using blogger or wordpress, you can just place it as HTML gadget. 
  6. When you're done, the DMCA will continue to scan your site to add the URLs to the database. 

You will be able to check the protected pages under Protection Badges tab. 

DMCA Takedown Service:

Well this service is only available for premium or pro members. If you're premium member of DMCA, you will be able to file a case against the sites which copy your contents. You can take down the URLs that includes your site's contents. 

You've to pay DMCA to launch a takedown. When you pay the money, they will remove the contents of the site that copies your contents. 

Takedown Process:

There are two ways you can launch take down: 
  • Go to the Managed Cases Tab. And then hit on Add Takedown Case option. Now edit your contact information if necessary. Enter the URL of the criminal site at the left side. And enter the URL of your content at the right side. Write a brief description at the box below. Then save it. Immediately you will get a confirmation mail. After paying the money, DMCA will start working to fix the issue. 
  • Another way to launch takedown is from the Protected Pages tab. Go to the Protected Pages first. Here you will see the list of protected pages. And you will find an option named Launch Takedown with every URL. Hit on this option to launch takedown. Enter the Stolen Content URL at the left box. Right box is already filled up by your site's URL. 

And please read this post- How to Punish Your Site's Contents Thieves? - to gain a better knowledge about protecting site's contents. 

Hopefully this post will help you to punish the plagiarists. Contact us if you face any problem with plagiarists. 

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