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Samsung has Invented 5G Network Technology!!!

Samsung has invented 5G Mobile Network Technology!

Samsung, a renowned South Korean electronic goods manufacturer, has recently declared the invention of 5G Network Technology! Certainly this is a major breakthrough in the network technology. Samsung also added- this technology will be implemented within few years for the customers. 

What is 5G Actually? 

The latest available mobile communication technology is 4G - Fourth Generation. And the next possible network technology should be 4.5G. In many countries of the world even 3G technology is still not available. Few countries have adopted 4G Network recently. So why is Samsung working with 5G? Actually this is the world of technology. It's nature is rapidness. Breakthrough is the nature of technology. 

In order to transmit a large volume of data, the researchers of Samsung have invented a new technique. Using this technology, someone can send a huge amount of data within seconds! Even a super HD video can be transmitted in a few seconds.  

As said by Samsung, Fifth Generation Network will be several hundred times faster than Fourth Generation Network. 

“Samsung’s latest innovation is expected to invigorate research into 5G cellular communications across the world,” the company said. “The company believes it will trigger the creation of international alliances and the timely commercialization of related mobile broadband services.”
Once commercialized, 5G mobile technology will allow users to transmit huge data files, like high-quality digital movies, “practically without limitation,” it said.

Samsung hopes that 5G Technology will be available by 2020. If it is implemented then the users will be able to watch a high definition 3D video in real time. And 1 GB data can be transferred within just one second. And definitely you will be able to download a large movie or software without wasting any time. After the implementation of 5G Network, broadband cables will be unnecessary to connect to the internet. 

Samsung has declared the breakthrough after testing the performance of the new system. In the test, they were able to transmit more than one gigabyte data per second within a range of two kilometers. 

The invention of 5G technology has also created some controversial issues. Critics have warned about higher costs, side effects etc. 

The technology experts of Samsung have said, the competition is being increased rapidly to take the lead of next generation mobile network. Therefore, Samsung is working to spread the next generation network technology and trying to market the mobile broadband in time. 

But I'm confused about one thing. If you can download 1 GB data in a second then what should be the size of your memory card? 1 TB?? Is it possible to get 1 TB memory card for a mobile? At best 32 GB memory card is available in the market. 

No problem. Samsung says 5G Network will take 7 years more to be available in the market. And by this time the memory card manufacturer may create more than 1 TB memory card! :) 

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