Friday, May 03, 2013

Clean Up your PC to Avoid Overheating Problem

Fire on CPU

It's just about two days ago. I had been working on my PC for one and half hour. Suddenly the system got shut down without showing any error message! Immediately after 10 or 15 seconds I tried to power on the system. Power signal appeared but lasted for only 3 seconds. Then I pushed the switch again but same thing happened. I decided to wait for few minutes. At the third attempt I was able to turn on the system. 

After turning on the system, I ran an application named Speccy, a program that shows detailed information about computer, to check the system temperature. Oh my Goodness, I was really surprised seeing the result. My room is not air conditioned and its temperature may be under 30 degree Celsius. But the system temperature was as below:

Processor               :   820 to 850
Motherboard       :   750  to 800
Hard Disk             :   500 and Above 

So, what happened actually? What's the reason. Was it caused by the room temperature? No, not at all. Because only 300 temperature is nothing for a PC. Actually the problem was dust. Yes, I haven't open the PC case for more than a year. And I didn't clean it up for a long time. CPU Fan, Motherboard and all other parts of the system unit was under dust! 

So I opened the case and cleaned it up properly. After cleaning up the system the temperature was as below:

Processor               :   550 to 600
Motherboard       :   550  to 580
Hard Disk             :   450 to 500

This looks quite normal. Isn't it? 

It's been more than a year when I wrote a post about Computer Maintenance: Extend Your PC Life. Of course it applies only for Desktop PC. 

Many beginner level PC users report that- My PC gets restarted after running for a few hours. One of the prime reasons for this problem is Overheating. Sometimes it might be caused by virus. In other cases if your Windows is not genuine, then it may be restarted automatically by Windows itself. 

Now, I would like to discuss how to clean up the system unit of a desktop PC. Open the PC case. Observe the internal condition of the system- Amount of Dust. If you have a machine to clean dust use it carefully. Otherwise clean it using a soft cloth or any other cleaning materials. Make sure the piece of cloth is not wet

Gently clean the Motherboard, RAM, CPU Fan, Hard Disk Surface etc. Remove the CPU fan if possible. Then clean it properly with a brush. Unplug and plug the internal connectors with care. You should clean your PC in that way 2 times a year. 


While cleaning the system, keep in find the following issues:
  • Never rub the surface of the Motherboard with pressure. Because it consists of numerous connections that look like zigzag lines. 
  • Make sure the tissue or cloth you're using is not wet.
  • The cloth should be as soft as possible.
  • Unplug and plug the internal connectors properly. Never blend any pin. 
  • While rubbing by the side of a capacitor, make sure you're not pressuring it. If any of the capacitors breaks down then you get a lot works to do . . . ! 

Whatever you do, do it with care. If you are not capable enough, then take help from expert. 

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