Monday, August 12, 2019

Marks PC Got a Fresh Look!

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If you're a regular visitor of this site then you might have noticed that Marks PC Solution got a completely fresh look. I've made the changes spending 03 days and now I think it's table. Though I was thinking to change the theme for several years but couldn't manage it for time. But finally I've made it.

About New Theme

I've used blogger's Notable theme to redesign Marks PC. Several modifications have been made to give it a different look. Some changes to the layouts, widths, fonts and background have made it exceptional I think.

A great feature of this theme is that it's responsive. Unlike old themes of blogger, the new themes are responsive to the screen size. That means it adjust the page size according to the size of the device screen. And definitely it will perform well than non responsive theme.

If you're a blogger and still using the old theme then my suggestion is - upgrade your theme with one of the new template. And I hope will be a good choice for you. Though it involves some time and labor.

Blogger New Templates

Current Scenario of Marks PC

It's been more than 02 years since I've lost my visitors. Publishing new posts was also stopped for some difficulties. Consequently my visitor catching posts have also been washed out by Google from search results. And AdSense Revenue has fallen dramatically. It would better to say I've no income from Ads. They are just shown for nothing.

You know this site got down earlier several times. But none of them were like this time. But Marks PC is my life. At any cost I will try to regain the pride of this site. I've already decided that I will try to new posts as much as I can. Thought it will be tough for me to continue writing along with my job.

One of the most difficult tasks for me is to generate new topic. Cause whatever has come to my mind so far has been published here. And I hardly receive ideas from visitors. I know this site lacks of sharing. But I would like to ensure that you can share your ideas with me. Whatever you want or suggest I will try to write about it if possible.

Okay, thank you for being with Marks PC. Get ready for the new posts . . .

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