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Never Use Third Party Cleaning Apps on Your Phone

Say no to Cleaning Apps

There are thousands of third party applications on Google Play for device maintenance. These apps are normally named as Clean Master, Virus Cleaner, Super Cleaner, Speed Booster, Ram Cleaner, Battery Saver, Speed Charger, Junk Cleaner, CClenaer, Smart Cleaner, 360 Security, Speed Cleaner, CPU Cooler, Phone Cooler, All Cleaner etc. Ordinary users think these apps are useful. But believe it or not - They are all junk!

About these Apps

These apps do nothing. Nothing means they don't do anything good to your phone. Rather sometimes these might be harmful to use! They may promise to -
  • Clean your phone
  • Remove viruses
  • Save battery
  • Cool down CPU
  • Minimize the charging time
  • Boost performance etc. 
But these are just fake description about those apps.  

Why these Apps are Made for?

Very simple. Just to earn money. Maybe you're installing them for free. But after installing any of these applications you may notice too many unnecessary ads on your device. They normally earn from ads. Even some apps offer in-app purchases for better performance. But it's just their technique to grab money from you! 

Some app may try to really work. For example it may try to close the background app. But you may need to use that app frequently and its nature is to operate in background. In that case if that app close it and then you have to run it again. Or the closed app may turn it on itself. Thus it will just increase pressure on your phone. 

Instead of saving battery, cleaning space,  boosting RAM they will just consume more battery, grab more space RAM!

Side Effects of Using Third Party Maintenance Apps

Remember - they are third party apps. They are not responsible for their actions if they cause any loss to you either intentionally or unintentionally. You've to use them at your own risk. Using these applications may have different problems. Such as - 
  • Your phone's performance may fall
  • Device may generate unnecessary heat
  • Some apps may contain adware and you may experience excessive ads on your phone
  • Your data may be stolen or sold 
  • Those apps may consume more data and thus reduces your internet speed
  • Some apps may contain harmful elements and thus damages your security

What should you do?

There are just 03 ways you can follow - 
  1. If you've already any such app on your phone then remove it now. 
  2. Never use any of these applications in the future. 
  3. Use your phone's built-in device maintenance (if any). 
Most of the today's phones come with built-in maintenance facilities. Though these facilities vary from device to device but normally all of them provide phone optimization facility. These optimizations may include - 
  • Closing background apps
  • Free up storage space
  • Checking security
  • Free up RAM
  • Saving battery etc. 
Besides if you're an advanced level user then you can also manually optimize your apps and save storage from Settings > Applications. Then you can manually check each applications and their storage usage. If they consume unnecessary space then you can clean up manually.

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