Saturday, October 24, 2020

MS Excel Functinos (LEFT, MID, RIGHT, LEN, MID+LEN)


Left, Mid, Right, Len Functions

Hello guys! In this post I'm gonna write about some basic functions of Excel i.e. left, right, mid, len & mid+len. Normally they look really simple. But they can be of great use if you know how to combine them with other functions . . . 


In this tutorial I'm not gonna discuss about complex use of these functions. I will simply show you the basic use of them. Hopefully next time you will see the advanced use of these functions. 


Excel sheet with left, mid, right, len functions

Let's start with the image above. There are mainly 04 formulas i.e. Left, Mid, Right & Len. And the next 02 are combinations of Mid and Len functions. 

I've tried to explain every formula in this image. I guess nothing is ambiguous with these 04 functions. 

You might be confused with the combinations. In the 1st combination the 02 functions are simply merged. 

But in the 2nd combination you should notice that len function is not used. Instead we've used the len column i.e. G2. That is the difference. 1st combination requires to merge len function with mid. It doesn't require any other column. But 2nd combination is using a different len column instead of merging len function with the mid. 

Well I'm not interested to discuss any longer. I've uploaded the project file. You can download it from here - 


Project File (LEFT, MID, RIGHT, LEN)


You should practice by yourself and I hope you will get this easily. If you face any problem then comment below. Thanks for staying with Marks PC Solution . . .



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